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Discoteka featuring Conrad Sasinski

D I S C O T E K A series presents…
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with support from:

Playdoughboy and Pollux – MAIN ROOM
Duvb Shock / DJ Devan-Air / DJ DanniBoi – SIDE ROOM

– Conrad Sasinski –

Conrad Sasinski is a first generation Polish-American Bay Area resident who grew up in the quiet town of Pleasanton, California.

Branching out from a tree of performers and musicians, his mother and grandfather both pianists, and father a well established circus acrobat; he wasted no time tapping into his musical and performance roots.

It wasn’t until the age of 12 that he discovered computer music when his cousins in Poland showed him a program with various ‘loops’ he could arrange in any way he pleased. It was “love at first sight.” 

Beginning with two direct-drive turntables and a mixer, Conrad learned the art of mixing with vinyl using his ears. As the technology of the time was evolving at an exponential pace, he soon gravitated towards computer-based software and a style of live-production.

His unique style of performance will leave any listener defenseless against the ability to build a mood that mesmerizes and transports the listener to a higher state of emotional being.

The reaction of the listener to his dark, progressive, driving builds that weave between the cascades of melody, harmony, and bass are always jaw dropping.

The sound of his music is succinctly summed up by his colleagues and critics as “emotional, and hipnotic with vast depth.” 

Renowned for his production prowess, and technical ability behind the decks, Conrad is a “must see” and certainly a force to be reckoned with.

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